What Kind of iPod Are You?

What Kind of iPod Are You?

Our belongings say a lot about who we are. Now if you want to buy an iPod for your musical entertainment, here’s something that might make your choice a little easier. *drum roll, please* What kind of iPod are you? iPod nano If iPods were people, the iPod nano will be that hyper-active athlete. As […]

Tale of the tape: iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C

Tale of the tape: iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C

Apparently, the iPhone 4 that you’ve been using for three to four years is going to be outdated once the new iOS 8 comes out this fall. It’s only inevitable since Apple is always upfront about developing new and improved features for their latest phone models. Speaking of development, the iPhone 5 was discontinued just last […]

Top 5 Best Travel Apps for iOS

Top 5 Best Travel Apps for iOS

Summer is already at hand. Of course, this is also the time when most of us indulge our wanderlust. Traveling widens our horizons by introducing us to new adventures that we would not be able to experience if we stay in the comforts of our home. However, embarking on a journey is not as easy as you […]


Vanquish Instagram Envy with a Lens Kit

If you’ve ever wondered how someone captured an amazing shot on Instagram, there’s three likely answers: Despite the #nofilter tag, the photo is heavily photoshopped. Despite the #iPhone tag or commentary that it was a “quickie” photo, taking the photo was a laborious process that did not involve a mobile phone camera. The photo was taken quickly […]


Drowning Your iPhone Water Woes

You love your phone. We get it. You keep it by your side all the time . . . All. The. Time. It’s essentially part of you, so nothing could go wrong if it’s always with you, right? Yes, we know. There, there. This moment was bound to happen. Your phone fell in water. However, […]

iOS7 to the rescue: How to get rid of unwanted messages and calls

iOS 7 to the rescue: How to get rid of unsolicited calls and messages on your iPhone

iOS, indeed is a superb software that lets you do amazing things on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Yet, most of its wonderful and productive apps are hidden and is yet to be discovered. One of the hidden features of the most recent iOS 7 is that it can let you block calls and messages […]


iFind Touts Battery-Free Item Location

Yes, your keys, wallet, purse, and favorite jacket are all colluding against you and take turns hiding at inopportune times. No, they aren’t sorry. Alas, a new kickstarter project by WeTag is promising to solve your woes with iFind, the first battery-free item locating tag. What about the other geolocators already out? While there are numerous […]


Think Beyond Ink™ and Into Apps

Quark is known for being a leading desktop publishing company. Their successful Quark XPress software was a key tool for many in the publishing industry. However, the word “publish” has taken on a whole new meaning as mobile computing is becoming more prevalant and the Apple App Store is the place to be if you’re a business. […]


Easy-Peasy Keepsake Gadget Box

Want to keep your iPhone or iPod safe from prying eyes? You can try using this DIY keepsake gadget box made from your old books. This gadget box lets you easily hide your iPhone, while helping you repurpose old books you may have just lying around your room. Things you need: An old, hardbound book […]


The Scribble Pen: How Doodling Became Sophisticated

If you can look at a hue and accurately declare its CMYK or RGB value and conjure up ink in that very color, this might not seem very magical to you. However, if your eyes just dilated at the thought, you may want to check out the new Scribble Pen. Simply put, the Scribble pen […]


An Apple a Day: iPhones for Health

There is an old adage that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” As wise as it is to eat fruit daily,  many of us ignore this rule.  However, before you over compensate for the wave of guilt you’re now feeling for that last doughnut or candy bar by devouring an entire  basket of […]

Hey Siri, are you listening?

Hey Siri, are you listening?

Siri, I know we’ve had a love hate relationship for some time. You have more personality than Google voice commands, but you don’t understand me as well as XBox One. Sometimes, it just felt like you didn’t care to listen. I had to smash a button just to get your attention, and despite all my […]

4 Day Apple Blowout! Up to $649 OFF

4 Day Apple Blowout! Up to $649 OFF

A brand new reason to celebrate this weekend is here. Your #1 Apple superstore MacMall launches the 4 Day Apple Blowout where shoppers can enjoy up to $649 off on computers, tablets, iPods, and more. Promo ends on Monday, 01/07, at 11:59pmPT. Get Html Get Html Get Html Get Html Get Html MORE BANNER SIZES: […]

MacBook Pro 17” at $1899.99 – Save $599

MacBook Pro 17” at $1899.99 – Save $599

Go head over heels for MacBook Pro 17″ now that its price drops to $1899.99. That’s $599 off! Let everybody know about this great MacMall offer on the all-time favorite Mac notebook. Get all CJ links below to share them with your readers and customers. Blowout Apple 17″ MacBook Pro i7/4core/2.2GHz/4GB RAM/750GB HD (MC725LL/A) only […]


5K iMac Unveiled

Today, Apple unveiled a new 27 inch iMac featuring a 5K Retina display. Starting at $2499, the standard version of this new iMac will feature: 3.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor AMD Radeon R9 M290X GPU 8GB RAM 1TB Fusion Drive Graphic Processing Improvement According to Apple, the CTO graphics power in teraflops of the […]