Monthly Archive: July 2014


How To: Disaster-Proof Your Gadget

When buying a gadget, you also need to consider different ways of keeping it safe from damage. Whether from harsh weather, hackers, or other catastrophes, always make sure that you’re protecting your gadget so you can use...

CableManagement copy

Untangle: 10 DIY Cable Management Techniques

Don’t you hate it when you need to sort out countless cables and wires when you need to charge your devices? Somehow, the mystery of how these electronic necessities tangle themselves baffles every generations. Do...


Simple Cord Hack to Avoid Charger Cable Fraying

Are you the type of smartphone owner that always brings his or her charger wherever he or she goes? Because of your fast-paced lifestyle, more often than not, you end up tossing your charger cable carelessly...