3 Fun Facts about the MacBook Pro

With its power, performance, and durability, the MacBook Pro is simply one of Apple’s best laptops. Here are some fun facts about the MacBook Pro that you might not have any idea of.

You can customize the icons on your MacBook Pro. 


You can easily customize every icon you have in your MacBook Pro. Just download the Candy Bar app. Candy Bar is a very user-friendly application that lets you use whatever icon you want for your MacBook’s interface. Remember to download the icon-factory, then download it in the iContainer folder. This app lets you customize your icons not only depending on your MacBook Pro’s theme but also individually.

macbookprofunfacts2It has an Ambient Light Sensor. 

Look closely at your iSight camera. On the left side, you’ll notice a dot that looks just like a mini iSight camera – the ambient light sensor. Now, try to place your thumb firmly over it and watch the magic that’s about to happen.

The ambient light sensor of the MacBook Pro helps you adjust the brightness of the screen and keyboard. When you enter a dark room, the brightness of the screen dims so it doesn’t hurt your eyes and the keyboard lights up to help you type in the dark.

You can create blank spaces in your MacBook Pro’s dock.


You can do this through the Terminal application in your MacBook Pro. In this application, you can create spaces in the dock. This can be useful for organizing applications on the dock into groups; if you want clear distinctions between your games and other applications on the dock, just create blank spaces between groups.

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Image: Hubpages

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