4 Time-Management Apps for Your Busy Schedule

Having a job takes away time from your family and your social life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make time for them. All it takes is a little time management. And if you’re the type of person who finds following a schedule challenging, then you’ll probably be glad smartphones and calendar apps were created.


Here are some time management apps that can help you keep up with your schedule :

CalenGoo, $5.99


A useful app that allows you to integrate Google Calendar and displays events in the same colors as you have chosen on Google Calendar. Want to edit your schedule but don’t have an Internet connection? No worries. Update your Google calendar through the app, and it’ll sync with your Google calendar once you are within Wi-Fi range.

Organizer for iPhone, $7.99

organizer for iphone

A traditional organizer gone digital, the Organizer for iPhone app lets you list down all of your appointments and meetings. It also allows you to customize events in your calendar with text, diagrams, emoji, pictures, and maps. You can even record voice memos and play them within the app. This app can prove to be useful for someone who has a very active lifestyle.

Countdown Calendar, $1.99

countdown calendar

Excited for your birthday or that big trip you’re having with friends? Or maybe you just want to know how many days are left before your deadline? The Countdown Calendar app will always remind you of the number of days left till that big day and displays notes for the event. It supports multiple event countdowns, too.

CalAlarm, $1.99

calendar alarm

With CalAlarm, you can get reminders for all your important events. This app shows your appointment in a clear list, at a day, week, or month view. And with 25 built-in alert tones, it also allows you to add notification sounds to existing alerts. And if you’re using iOS5 or later, you can use music or ringtones as alerts.

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