4K Video Possibilities from the Newest Mac Pro

The newest Mac Pro has a lot of features that will please creative professionals everywhere. The latest desktop from Apple is equipped with the most advanced Intel Xeon-class processor and dual AMD FirePro GPUs; all these cutting-edge components power the late-2013 Mac Pro in offering 4K video capabilities.

The Mac Pro's I/O ports (image from unimall.com)

The Mac Pro’s I/O ports (image from unimall.com)

Creative professionals can expect the 2013 Mac Pro to be completely capable of supporting 4K video formats. 4K resolution, with a resolution of 4,000 pixels, is currently the highest resolution format available. The whopping number of pixels in a 4K video makes for a more detailed picture and a higher image definition. If you’re a videographer or filmmaker, you can definitely use the Mac Pro not only to stream 4K videos but also to edit 4K-resolution multi-cam clips. The Mac Pro’s workstation-class GPUs even let you simultaneously stream up to three 4K, ultra-HD videos.

For many creative professionals, the Mac Pro is the ultimate video-editing desktop. The Mac Pro features six Thunderbolt 2 ports, which can be used to connect the desktop to a maximum of three 4K displays. Televisions capable of supporting 4K formats can also be used as monitors, so videographers can see every detail of their clips. The ability to support multiple 4K displays, which is possible through OS X Mavericks, can greatly ease multitasking and speed up the workflow.

Users of Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) have more to look forward to; the Mac Pro’s dual GPUs greatly improve the performance of FCPX, making for smoother effects and faster video export. Rendering takes no time at all, so creative professionals can work with 4k videos in real time.  The Mac Pro’s PCIe-based flash storage also significantly cuts down loading times, even for large projects, and enables multi-stream 4K video playback.

The Mac Pro’s storage capacity can also be expanded through external Thunderbolt 2 hard drives; manufacturers such as Promise now offer high-performance Thunderbolt 2 storage devices for creative professionals who prefer to backup or archive their projects. Promise’s Pegasus2 series currently includes RAID systems with 8TB, 12TB, 18TB, 24TB, and 32TB storage capacities.

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