5 Features You Should Know About iMessage


iMessage on the iPhone

Texting has become the preferred means of communication for people who want to get informed or updated in the quickest way possible. And since mobile interfaces are getting more advanced, messaging features are getting smarter to make tasks more convenient for users.

iOS 7 from Apple introduced a redesign of the mobile OS which, of course, included the iMessage app. Yes, everything became flat in its graphic design and minimalist concepts were applied to just about everything. But, did you know that there are some iMessage features that are hidden in plain sight and that you may have missed out on? These features may help you send those important business updates or the latest news about your friends with a little more convenience.

  • Double tap the Shift key for Caps Lock mode.

Give EMPHASIS to a point or let out your inner FEELINGS through the power of the Caps Lock! It’s simple and incredibly convenient especially if you’re tired of having to hold down the shift key while texting.

REMINDER: (See what I mean with the capitalization?) If this feature somehow doesn’t work for you, you can always head to Settings > General > Keyboard and toggle the Caps Lock switch to enable it.

  • Input an Em-dash.

If you’re a grammar Nazi, or at least one of your friends is, the dash is most probably an important part of your sentence construction. Let your inner Spell Check take over and simply hold down the dash key on your keyboard and four dash variations will pop out for you to choose from. You’re welcome.

  • View timestamps of your text messages.

The redesign of iOS made those timestamps on text messages go AWOL… or did it? Actually, you can still see those timestamps. With a simple leftward swipe of a finger or thumb on your messages, they will “magically” reappear. Ta-da!

  • Shake your iPhone to undo or redo typing.

Clearing up the text box in iMessage is easy when you can shake things up – literally! While typing a message into that text box, just give your iPhone a little shake and an Undo Typing prompt will appear to clear out what you’ve just typed. If you’ve gathered enough courage (or assurance) to send that message, you can always do the same process and, instead, a Redo Typing prompt will help you instantly restore all the text you’ve deleted. Use with caution.

  • Let Siri handle your messages.

Reading text messages while you’re doing something else is risky, especially if you’re on the road, cooking, or reviewing for your next Quiz Up tournament with your friends. With the ever-helpful Siri, you won’t have to shift too much concentration.

Simply press and hold down the Home button, wait for that Siri chime, and give the command. Simple statements like “Read my messages,” or “Are there any texts?” are enough to make the smart assistant tell you how many unread texts you have and who the messages are from. Siri can even read out your text messages one by one.

If there’s an important text you want to respond to, Siri will ask you what to do with it and you can simply say either “Reply” or “Read them again”.

Using iMessage is easier if you know all the features you can work on. With all these wonderful tips, you can fully enjoy communicating with your friends, family, or that person you want to threaten wholeheartedly.

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