5 iOS Apps for Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Why not get her a few mom-friendly apps for the occasion? Here are a few apps that can help make Mom’s life a little easier:


Moms can get pretty busy trying to keep up with the kids, and Omnifocus is here to help her out.  It is a life organizer that can keep track of family members’ activities for the day (e.g. who goes to swim lessons when). The app can be synched with a desktop and is shareable with other family members.

Baby Timer, $4.99

The first few months of baby’s life can be the most stressful for the parents, especially for mom. This app can help keep track of diaper changes, nursing sessions, naptime, baby weight, activities, pumping sessions and everything else related to baby’s care. If you have more than one child at home, you’ll love this app because it can handle information on multiple children.

iPregnancy, $3.99

Babies are life’s little miracles. And all moms want to keep track of their baby’s progress while inside the womb. iPregnancy can keep track of all of your unborn child’s milestones, including: estimated due date, gestational age, and weekly schematics of baby’s development. Through the app, Mom can also keep track of her moods, as well as OB visits, and weight gain. And, if the family is undecided on a name, the Baby Name Picker functionality can help.

The iPregnancy app on the iPhone

The iPregnancy app on the iPhone


Martha’s Everyday Food: Quick & Easy Recipes, $.99

Moms often have the burden of coming up with delicious meals to serve their families. This app will provide mom with easy-to-make recipes for the whole family. You can search through a database of recipes or go with the daily delivery of a dinner recipe. 

Mom MapsFree

Looking for a place the kids will enjoy? Mom Maps has more than 24,000 kid-focused locations in metro areas and utilizes your phone’s GPS functionality to get you there. This is perfect when you and the family are out of town and looking for a place to have fun or just a place to drop your kids off to.

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