5 New Things You Can Do with Your iPad

It’s been a while since the first day you held your iPad in your hands, and you’re pretty much tired of the usual things that you do on your iPad. Don’t worry, though; you don’t have to dump your iPad and find another gadget to play with. (You don’t do that to your loyal gadget!)

Actually, there are many other weird and crazy things that you can do with your beloved tablet. And believe me, your relationship with your iPad will never be the same after this.

4th-generation iPad

4th-generation iPad


1. Have your own party!

So, you’re a party animal, eh? *nudge, nudge* Who says you can’t party hard with your iPad? Of course you can! There are apps like edjing for your DJ-wannabe needs, and if you don’t want an app for that, you can have a real DJ controller for iPad with the Numark Industries Professional DJ Controller for iPadNot only that, you can also have your own speaker system with the Alesis Wireless Portable Powered Bluetooth Speaker System, which is compatible with your iPad. Planning your very own Project X-inspired party? Don’t forget to invite me!

2. When George de Mestral, inventor of Velcro, meets Steve Jobs

Who would have thought that you can do a lot of things with two of the most important inventions in history? Velcro and iPad form the perfect combination for any hands-free activity with your tablet. Stick a removable strip of Velcro to the back panel of your iPad and stick another strip of Velcro to another object, like your car’s dashboard or your room’s walls. You don’t need an iPad stand! Just make sure your iPad can be sufficiently supported by the object you’re attaching it to.

3. Entertain your pets (while entertaining yourself, too)

You have Fruit Ninja on your tablet and you don’t quite enjoy it now like you used to? Call in your stubborn cat and have a good laugh while you let your pet play Fruit Ninja. Just make sure your iPad’s screen has a screen protector. Those sharp claws are dangerous.

cat-fruit ninja

4. Unleash your creative side.

Want to be a painter? There are tons of apps for that. Some of the best ones include Procreate 2, ArtRage, and Tayasui Sketches. Did you know that someone actually painted a super-realistic painting of Morgan Freeman using an iPad app? His name is Kyle Lambert and he used the Procreate app to make it. Amazing!

5. What about using your iPad as your Remote Control?

Be in charge of the show! Yes, your iPad can be your remote control for Apple TV and iTunes. Switch from channel to channel or from playlist to playlist using your iPad and the Remote app. The good news is that the Remote app is available in App Store for free! Now you don’t have to argue with your sports-fanatic brother for the remote control anymore.

So there they are! You now have five new things to do with your iPad. From entertaining you to helping you improve your talents, the iPad can do more than you think.

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Images: Daily iPhone Blog

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