5 Quick and Easy iPhone Case Mods

Tired of your plain iPhone case? Want to add a bit of life to it? Then get your art supplies ready and try out some of these awesome ways to make your iPhone case stand out among your peers.

Stud iPhone Case ModsStuds

Feeling a bit punk-rock? Or just want to freak out a few people? Try decorating your iPhone case with studs. Just run down to your local craft store and purchase a few packs. Then either glue or screw them onto your boring old phone case to give it that awesome edgy look.


Galaxy DesignGalaxy iPhone Case Mods

Have you always wanted to rock that galaxy print but never really had the confidence to do so? Here’s a way to put the galaxy on your iPhone case: Use a plain hard case and with the use of some nail polish, some cut-up sponge for blending, and a white paint pen to draw the gleaming stars. You’ll soon have the galaxy in the palm of your hand.


Quotes iPhone Case ModsQuote Design
A great way to motivate your self is with some inspirational quotes. For this design, you have the option of simply writing a quote right on your iPhone case or on the inside or outside of a transparent case. If you choose the latter, stick a fun backdrop on the outside to give it a colorful look.


Couple CaseCouples iPhone Case Mods

Can’t get enough of your significant other? Or do you just want to shout out to the world who your best friend is? You can never go wrong with matching cases, like those that form an image when put together side by side. Create your own design and paint it on your iPhone case and your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend’s case. This is a great gift idea and they will certainly love it.



Map CaseMaps iPhone Case Mods

When you suffer from wanderlust, you always want to be reminded of the places you want to go. Why not print out a blank map, stick it onto the back of your iPhone case, and color in the places you’ve been? Who knows, in a few years you could go from having a plain uncolored map on the back of your iPhone case to a colored case that’s just wonderful to look at. You can also put in the map of your home town for those who miss the place where they grew up.

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(image source: http://diy.allwomenstalk.com/cute-diy-iphone-cases )

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