7 Best MacMall Deals for Creative Professionals

I only define the word artist through two things: being able to produce exceptional (even a child’s drawing is a masterpiece) art works, and being able to produce from whatever material or resources you have. However, in the business world, it requires professionals to invest in high-quality equipment, software and skill that would take a general idea into something that’s ultimately eye-catching. Times are changing, and so is how creative ideas are being brought out into the industry.

Fortunately, MacMall is offering a variety of products that could help you cut back on expenses through awesome deals and offers.

MMdeals1Need a portable storage device? The LaCie Rugged Triple Hard Disk has a 1TB of storage capacity and incredible speeds of USB 3.0 and FireWire 800 to transfer and access your data whenever you need it. It also works backwards with USB 2.0 and FireWire 400 if you still have the ports in your usage. The rugged cover also helps the LaCie Triple Hard Disk avoid any “accidents” because it keeps it intact on any surface area.

Save up to 10% and get the LaCie Rugged Triple Hard Disk for $159.99.

MMdeals2If you need storage access while working from your desk, you should probably get the LaCie 3TB D2 USB3 Thunderbolt Hard Drive. Built for speed and productivity, this drive provides you sufficient storage space for all your documents and files. With the Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 ports, you can be assured that file transitions can go up to 180MB per second. Made from aluminum, this drive is designed with fan-less regulators so when the going gets tough, the LaCie Thunderbolt drive can still perform.

Get 20% off and shell out only $279.99 for the LaCie 3TB D2 USB3 Thunderbolt Hard Drive.

MMdeals3Create digital masterpieces with the Wacom Cintiq 13HD graphic Tablet with Interactive Pen Display. Modernize your art production with this awesome graphic tablet and pen combo and discover new and wonderful possibilities! Designed to be compact and responsive to the user’s creative actions, you can produce realistic art strokes and edit instantly with a touch of a button.

Produce a new generation of artworks with the Wacom Cintiq 13HD Graphic Tablet with Interactive Pen Display for $799.99 and save up to 25% on purchases.

MMdeals4Collaborate with your peers to produce more! With the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite for teams, you get premium access to a variety of Adobe software to help you render the best media outputs especially with the help of your team. File networking features, publishing and online sharing features are available with the Adobe Cloud Creative Suite.

Get busy with the team and juggle those creative ideas with the Adobe Cloud Creative Suite for teams and shell out only $599.88.


AsusWant versatile and high-quality display monitors? ASUS Professional Graphics provides

you 27 inches of high quality and adjustable display that could help you produce your best creative outputs. I/O ports are available for alternative resources while the monitor itself can be rotated to a vertical position for a more comfortable position if you need to.

Get 31% off for the 27-inch ASUS Professional Graphics Display monitor for $489.99 and see the difference you can make with versatility you can touch

MacBookWork anywhere with high quality specs through the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. With 5 million pixels are at your resource, this 15-inch Mac Book Pro could give you sufficient power and unbeatable display performance that on-the-go professionals need to produce the best creative outputs. Running on a Quad-core Intel Core i7, process up to 2.8GHz of data and access 16GB of RAM – now you can easily launch heavy-media apps, open big files and render high-quality graphic images at a moment’s notice. With a 7-hour battery life, you can go hours working on your project from start to finish.

Get incredible power at 25% less of the price with the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display for $2,299.99.

iMacThe ultimate Mac performance does not always come at the highest price. Make every

creative idea into reality with 21-inches of the iMac computer. If you’re working at an office setting or simply at home, the iMac gives you unparalleled power that could help you accomplish the most intensive tasks in one go. Powered by an Intel Core i5 processor, you can render as much as 1.4GHz of data, add to that the iMac’s 8GB RAM and 500Gb storage capacity, everything can be integrated into one complete system. Enhanced Wi-Fi connection, ergonomic I/O port positioning and incredible visual performance make the iMac the perfect companion when your work could be at the comfort of your own home or office desk.

At $1,094.00, you can get an entry-level 21-inch iMac and get the best specs that could help you get from a simple idea to an acclaimed piece.

Get these sweet deals while they’re still available and start on your next creative project with the best tools at more affordable prices. Visit MacMall retail stores at Santa Monica, Torrance and Huntington Beach and get more insight on Mac computers plus other Apple products through Apple-credited experts that would give you professional recommendations.

Visit macmall.com for exciting promos and exclusive offers for all your tech needs. For the latest news from MacMall, follow @MacMall on Twitter and connect with MacMall on Facebook.


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