5 Accessories to Make your iMac Even More Awesome

The latest iMac is the dream desktop for many; it’s fast, powerful, and sleek, with a vibrant widescreen display. It’s built for speed, too, from its advanced Fusion Drive to its 802.11ac WiFi support and Thunderbolt I/O connectivity.

The iMac is an incredibly capable all-in-one desktop, and these must-have accessories will ensure that you make the most of all its capabilities.


Apple AirPort Time Capsule 2TB with 802.11ac Wi-Fi

With the AirPort Time Capsule, you get two accessories in one. First off, you get a high-capacity hard drive that you can use to wirelessly back up data on your iMac. Two terabytes of storage provides you with enough space to set up even frequent backups, too. Second, the AirPort Time Capsule also serves as a WiFi base station, so you can enjoy even faster WiFi connections through 802.11ac technology. This advanced technology even results in a clearer, more stable WiFi signal, making downloads and Web browsing more convenient.

LaCie d2 USB3 3TB Thunderbolt Series Hard Drive

If you can do without wireless backups but want a high-performance hard drive to supplement your iMac’s storage, check out the LaCie d2 USB3 3TB Thunderbolt Series hard drive. This LaCie hard drive delivers fast data transfers at transfer rates of up to 180MB/s. It even provides data encryption for your important files. And since this hard drive is equipped with Thunderbolt technology, it’s perfectly compatible for your iMac.

Arctic Cooling P311 Bluetooth Headset

This Bluetooth headset is perfect for users who love using their iMacs for listening to music and watching movies. Once paired with your iMac via Bluetooth, you can use this headset to stream audio from your desktop, whether you want to listen to your favorite songs or watch the latest movies. The headset’s right earcup features five functional buttons, so you can start, pause, or even skip tracks without touching your mouse or keyboard. Of course, the headset’s integrated microphone also lets you use it for making video and audio calls on your iMac.

JLab Audio Crasher Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you want everyone in the room to enjoy your tunes, too, the JLab Audio Crasher portable Bluetooth speaker is the perfect accessory for your iMac. This portable speaker can stream audio from up to 30 feet away, so it continues to play music even when your iMac’s in another room. The Audio Crasher is also designed to produce high-quality sound, thanks to rear passive subwoofer pumps and dual JLab-engineered full-range drivers. This Bluetooth speaker is also equipped with a built-in microphone and speakerphone, so you can use this to take phone calls, too. And, as a vastly convenient perk, this speaker can also charge your smartphone or tablet via its USB port.

Apple Lightning to USB Cable

Sometimes, the best iMac accessory is also the simplest. The Apple Lightning to USB cable allows you to connect your iPad or iPod to your iMac, for charging or for syncing files. You can even use this cable with your iPhone 5s. The cable’s length, at one meter, also makes it more convenient to use. This cable also works great for connecting your Lightning-enabled devices with other computers with USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports.

Any of these accessories can help you enjoy using your iMac even more. Make sure you don’t miss out on making the most of your iMac; visit any MacMall retail store today to stock up on these accessories. We offer amazing deals on a huge selection of iMac accessories, plus expert advice on setting up these accessories with your iMac.

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