Alto’s Adventure integrates new Taptic technology

With the continued rollout of the latest iPhone to the masses, developers are working hard to come up with app updates to take advantages of the latest features that Apple has devised for these devices.

Among the latest apps to produce such an update is Altos’s Adventure, a game crafted by Snowman to combine their two passions: app developing and snowboarding. The update integrates the new Taptic Engine onto its gameplay, becoming the first game to first implement the new haptic feedback since Apple has made Taptic API available for developers.

The Taptic Engine is a specific technology that provides tactile sensations in the form of vibrations. In the process of developing the latest iPhone, Apple also conducted an upgrade on the engine, which was first introduced in 2015 through the Force Touch phenomenon.

For the game, Snowman says that it mainly is able to offer more precise vibrational feedback when certain moments take place during a run.

From Snowman via 9to5mac:

“Thanks to the expanded Taptic Engine, we’ve been able to pinpoint exciting moments in a run and tie them to more precise vibrational feedback. Now, you’ll feel a nice jolt of satisfaction upon collecting a wayward llama or sliding over an ice boost. The golden burst of a super coin or powdery landing of a huge combo will hopefully be a little more thrilling.

We’ve even tried to give some consideration to calmer moments: reaching minimum & maximum zoom or snapping the perfect shot in Photo Mode will vibrate like a real camera, immersing you in the joys of being your own mountain photographer. The list goes on, but rather than spoil it all, we’re excited for players to stumble onto each new interaction and find their favourite ones.”

Alto’s Adventure is available for $3.99 on the App Store.

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