Apple Music launches first fashion channel with Alexander Wang

In its latest effort to make a foray into the fashion realm, Apple this week formally launched a fashion channel on its Apple Music platform with fashion designer and guru Alexander Wang.

Wang curated three different sets of playlists for Apple Music subscribers can dive into, Chill, Hype, and Vibe. Tracks from these playlists vary from R&B slow jams to rap to dance, mostly from artists and friends that has been able to collaborate with.

For Wang, Chill is considered his go-to-playlist when he arrives home or needs to decompress or having a night in. Tracks on that playlist include Rihanna, Drake, and Juicy J.

The Hype playlist is composed of songs that Wang has used in either a party bus or being en route to a festival or going out. He adds that these songs, like the ones which feature Diplo, M.I.A. and Lil Jon, “kick up the energy.”

As for the Vibe playlist, it serves as the in-between for Chill and Hype. Wang put in “songs that have high energy and also are great classics.” Among those in that playlist are A$AP Rocky, Richie Homie Quan, and Meek Mill.

These three playlists will be updated continually, as it is with Editors Playlists on the platform. He adds, “Year-round I’m always trying to find music and define who the character that season is, thinking about the show, the energy, and the venue, so I start collecting a playlist throughout, using it like a memory bank for songs I like.” Each playlist lasts around an hour long and contains fifteen to twenty songs.

Accompanying the launch of the Apple Music fashion channel is this 30-second video collaboration between Wang and Apple highlighting one of the worst-case scenarios one might face.

This comes after Apple sponsored the 2016 Met Gala, which had a #ManusxMachina theme.

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