Apple TV has Killed the BluRay Player

The new Apple TV

Did you know the new Apple TV is full 1080P?

The quality is fantastic and I use it more than regular television. One of the best things about the New Apple TV is Netflix. I use Netflix to watch all those TV shows I may have missed in the past and I get to watch them commercial free. I downloaded Hugo recently from Apple’s iTunes store. Every speckle of snow and dust was clear and sharp on my 42″ Vizio. Maybe if I had a 60″ Plasma and a very discerning eye would I still use my BluRay player. The discs are just too expensive and who wants to keep driving to Redbox? Not me!

Hey, did you know purchases made on Apple TV will be available on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Also, you can stream pictures and video to your Apple TV from any current iDevice. By current, I mean currently made not one you currently have. For more specifics, a live demonstration or an in-depth seminar, visit your local MacMall retail store. Don’t forget to pick up a high quality HDMI cable. We have the latest standard V1.4 for less than $20.

Happy Viewing!
Chris Quilisch

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