Apple TV updates revealed during WWDC

The WWDC provided the opportunity for Apple to reveal its latest updates for the Apple TV on Monday, allowing the device to become even more user-friendly than ever.

First thing they revealed was that they souped up Siri for Apple TV. Already able to search over 650,000 TV episodes and movies, Siri refined itself by enabling topic search. Users can now ask Siri about genres. For example, one can ask, “find documentaries about cars,” or “find high school comedies from the 80s.” Also, by the end of the month, Siri would be enabled to search YouTube.

Apple TV users also will have control over HomeKit-enabled accessories, which allows for them to make commands via Siri, or conduct action away from home.

Those who consider themselves as part of the cord-cutter generation who use Apple TVs will like the single sign-on feature for the pay-TV video channel applications. When the update is released in the fall, users will only have to log in once, as it will then log-in all the other supported apps that need authentication. During the single sign-on process, the user can already view a page of all the authenticated apps that a pay-TV provider offers.

Other updates relating to the Apple TV include:

  • Universally available apps, when downloaded by on the iOS realm, will now also be reflected on the TvOS realm as well.
  • The ability to choose a darker background for their Apple TV interface, which would be more appropriate for dark rooms or a home theater environment.
  • The ability for iOS users to download the Apple TV Remote app, which has touch navigation, Siri, and game play support.
  • The Photos portion of the Apple TV now supports the Memories feature, which helps to rediscover a user’s meaningful moments that can be shared on the bigger screen.

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