Why is Apple’s Mac Pro perfect for Creative Professionals?

Many multimedia artists and professionals nowadays rely heavily on technology to fuel and accomplish their projects. Since the introduction of Adobe’s creative software and similar applications to the industry, artists from all fields took the opportunity to improve their projects or update their work process. Hardware devices followed suit and started to give users more capable resources that would match their professional requirements. And, with the newest Mac Pro, the bar has been raised yet again.



The Mac Pro, which houses two GPUs and one CPU in one device, is perfect for multimedia professionals in any field. Built specifically to handle processing-intensive creative tasks, the Mac Pro is powered by an Intel Xeon ES processor that can process as much as 40GB of data per second.

The Mac Pro relies on a particular number of Core processors depending on the model – 4, 6, 8 and 12 core units are available on the market. These cores help process the data by relaying information to each other, giving you extra muscle when you need it. The Mac Pro also boasts of spectacular PCIe-based flash storage that can render up to 64GB of data per second. The Mac Pro’s hard drive can give you as much as 1TB of space for all your documents and media files. This PCIe flash storage device can also deliver a performance 2.4 times faster than its SATA SSD counterparts.

Now imagine going through your latest project with that much power in your control. With two AMD FirePro GPUs, the Mac Pro offers up to 12GB of dedicated GDDRM VRAM. Give it your best shot and visualize the most insanely detailed images you can come up with and the Mac Pro can help you achieve it.

From experience, I have used desktops and notebooks that occasionally need breaks especially when I’m working on elaborate and complex projects. Patience will definitely be tested once rendering is started. This could make some systems overheat from all the activity, but the Mac Pro stays cool with its unique cooling fan system. It’s designed to strategically cool down the Mac Pro’s internal system by maximizing airflow and moderating thermal capacity. Bonus: it almost makes no sound.

mac pro rearThe rear panel of the Mac Pro features a full array of I/O ports – 6 Thunderbolt 2 ports, 4 USB 3.0 ports, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 1 HDMI 1.4 port and 2 audio ports (although there’s already a built-in speaker). What’s actually cool about this is it automatically lights up when you turn the Mac Pro around, letting you know exactly where a particular port is. The Mac Pro also has convenient wireless functions – 802.11 AC WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 technology – so you can connect to your Wi-Fi station and other wireless devices.

Which Mac Pro model should you get?

The newest Mac Pro is available in a variety of models, giving consumers different specs that could suit their needs. Creative professionals often have differing needs for their desktops; most look for specifications that would perfectly suit their needs. For instance, don’t you think it would be a waste of money to buy a 12-core Mac Pro if you’re only going to adjust photo levels?

Here’s a cheat sheet on which Mac Pro model to buy.

  • For general use – includes basic online tasks or document processing to simple photo rendering in Photoshop – the 4-core model is recommended. This model is most similar to a 3.7 GHz MacBook or iMac. If you need just a little more kick, the next best option is the 6-core model.
  • For longer, more elaborate projects, you can go for the 8-core model for best results. This particular Mac Pro model can handle processing-intensive tasks without slowing down or freezing up. A high-end, 6-core Mac Pro will most likely work, too.
  • For heavy media work like video editing or animation, the 12-core Mac Pro is recommended. Take advantage of those specs and enjoy a faster, more efficient rendering process.
  • Photographers could rely on 6-core units, particularly on models that offer AMD FirePro D500 or D700 GPUs. However, an 8-core Mac Pro with 3 GHz Turbo Boost works slightly better for some tasks so you could consider that model as well.
  • For ultra-heavy tasks, always consider a Mac Pro with the AMD FirePro D700 for maximum speed and power.

If you’re a multimedia professional who breathes fast and reliable processing, you should consider getting the Mac Pro to up your game. The price may be a major factor in your decision, especially for units with higher specs, but consider the convenience the Mac Pro can give you in the long run. Its powerful processor, memory, and GPU practically eliminate all lags and errors you might encounter. The storage capacity is sufficient plus it’s expandable. Give it your creative juice and the Mac Pro will promise you stress-free processing.

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