4 Apps for the History Buff

We learn about the history of the world in school, but we seldom retain the information we learn within the four walls of the classroom. Through these apps, you can keep sharp about history and maybe even impress your fellow history buffs about your intensive knowledge of the ancient and modern world.


On This Day, Free

History is said to happen every day. And what better way to know what happened on this day in history than with the “On This Day” app? View historical events, births, and deaths for any given day of the year; you could even share your favorite bits of trivia  on Twitter. Want to know more about a certain event? You can read more on it thanks to related Wikipedia articles formatted within the app. This app provides great conversation starters for fellow history buffs and also gives you something to read about during downtime in the office.

The Civil War Today, $0.99 (iPad)

The American Civil War is one of the most historic wars in American history. Learn more about the war through this app. Experience how the war unfolded one day at a time. It also features daily updates that let you live the events in real-time over the course of four years.

Building TitanicFree (iPad)

The Titanic is one of the most historic shipwrecks ever.  And, for countless of years, historians and history buffs alike have been searching for the real reason behind the sinking of the ship. Through the Building Titanic app, you can learn more about the RMS Titanic and how this supposedly unsinkable passenger liner was constructed. See a representative model of the ship as it takes shape at each point of construction. As you go through each key event, a ‘+’ symbol will appear over various parts of the screen. Tap on these symbols to learn more about specific parts of the ship’s construction.

Vintage Radio$3.99

Radio shows may have died out when the television took over, but you can still relive the Golden Age of Radio through this app. This app features the best and most popular radio dramas and shows broadcast in the 30s, 40s and 50s, like Gunsmoke, Fibber McGee and Molly, Lights Out, The Jack Benny Show, and X-Minus One, among others. Tune in to the shows your grandparents listened to and be taken back to a simpler time when families gathered round their radios to listen in on their favorite shows.

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Image/s: TechRadar

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