Top Apps for the Visually Impaired

Most of us are fortunate enough to be able to use our smartphones easily. But, sadly, this is not the case for those who are visually impaired. Since they can’t see their screen well, they cannot make the most of their phones’ features. Some even just opt to not own a phone at all.

The good news is that, thanks to today’s technology, apps have been developed to help visually impaired people use smartphones to make their everyday lives easier. Here are some of these helpful apps:

Ariadne GPS, 45.99

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For the visually impaired, traveling can be a great challenge since it requires you to at least be able to see where you are going. With the Ariadne GPS app, the visually impaired can go wherever he or she wishes, thanks to the app’s talking maps that allow you to explore the world around you by simply moving your finger around the map. When the user is crossing the street, it is signaled by a vibration, keeping the user safe from harm.

LookTel Money, $9.99

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Before, a visually impaired person needed another person to tell them the denomination of the paper money in their possession. Now, with the LookTel Money app, the smartphone camera can help with that. With LookTel Money, the camera scans paper money so the app can announce the denomination. Developers are looking to expand the app so it can read labels too.

Color ID Free, Free


To the visually impaired, color is something completely alien. Thanks to the Color ID Free app, they can now know the color of whatever object is in front of them. This app makes use of the smartphone’s camera. Users just need to point the camera in the direction of the item in question, and the app will announce the color of the said item.

HeyTell, Free

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Texting is almost impossible for the visually impaired. They need a special aid that can help them communicate easily. HeyTell allows users to connect with the people on their contacts list through voice messages. This is a brilliant way to send quick messages to people.

ListRecorder, $0.99

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Designed to integrate with VoiceOver and Braille displays, this app allows users to make a list by simply recording the user’s voice. Also, users will be able to replay, sort, delete or email recordings easily with the use of gestures such as tap and tilt.

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