Artists raving iPad Pro use

App Developers have been enjoying the iPad Pro’s (and in particular, the Apple Pencil’s) capabilities.

In a post on Medium, Amanda Somers shared her thoughts on how the stylus and the tablet changed how they work.

Before the advent of the iPad Pro and Pencil, one would have to repeatedly manually sketch and erase, then “draw iPhone or iPad sized screens on paper,” eventually filling with promising candidates for a sketching session. After a couple revisions, followed by scanning and cropping, the sketches are then digitized into more concrete wireframes.

According to Suzanne, with the iPad pro and the Apple Pencil, the process became more efficient by cutting the process time in half with the Notes app. It does away with paper sketches, as using that app allow for more refined sketches, while at the same time ensuring that they still look like they were hand-drawn. When done, one can send it the computer via AirDrop.

It also helps that the size of the tablet is large enough that they can still create full-scale wireframes while maintaining the impression that they aren’t running out of space to draw. The split-screen feature helps as well, allowing the user to search for inspiration while sketching.

The Pencil helps emphasize important features thanks to its pressure sensitivity. It feels completely natural when held, while the palm rejection technology allows us to rest the palm on the screen without worrying about it messing up the sketch.

In addition, when using the Adobe Comp CC, they can create low-fidelity mockups, as well as import images from the Creative Cloud. Afterwards, one can then send it to InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator for refinement.

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