How to Backup Files using LaCie Minimus

LaCie minimusThe LaCie Minimus is a great external hard drive to use for file backups. This hard drive offers storage capacities of up to 3 TB, which should be more than enough space for you to create backups of everything on your computer. USB 3.0 technology makes file transfer faster and more efficient, so backing up even a large amount of files takes a minimum of time.

1-Click backup

The hard drive comes pre-installed with software that guides you through what you need to do to backup files using the LaCie Minimus. As soon as the hard drive is plugged in, whether to a PC or a Mac, a LaCie Backup Software window automatically pops up. By default, the Minimus creates a backup of the My Documents folder, but you can choose to backup other locations and select target folders, too. Clicking the ‘Customize’ button should allow you to select individual files and folders, while clicking the ‘Backup Now’ button creates backups of those files and folders in the Minimus.

You can further customize your backups by opting to make the backups into full copies of the original data or into compressed ZIP files. Compressed backups can be encrypted, too, so you’re assured of the security of your data.

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Automatic backups

For both Windows and Mac, you can edit your backup profile and activate the ‘Enable Schedule’ option. Selecting this option lets you use the Minimus with Windows’ native Backup and Restore utility. This feature allows you to set a recurring schedule to automatically backup files using the LaCie Minimus. You can access the Backup and Restore utility through the System and Maintenance window of the Control Panel. On this window, you can select the Minimus from a list of available backup destinations as well as choose which data to automatically back up. Don’t forget to save your settings to set the schedule in place.

TimeMachine01_Logo1The LaCie Minimus works even better with Apple’s Time Machine utility. The first time the Minimus is connected to a Mac, Time Machine asks right away if you want to use it as a Time Machine drive. If you confirm this option, the program automatically uses the Minimus for creating backups. You can also set the Minimus as a backup destination any time; just access the Time Machine window or the System Preferences folder, enable Time Machine, choose the LaCie Minimus as the backup disk, then click the ‘Use for Backup’ button. After the initial backup, your computer sets an hourly schedule to backup files using the LaCie Minimus.

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