Think outside the box: Apps to Fuel Creativity

Are you a graphic artist? You probably know the thrill and uncertainty of holding a brush or a pencil in your hand, not knowing what the finished product will be. As a Fine Arts graduate, I’m pretty familiar with that feeling. The creative process is both a wonderful and cruel state of one’s time.

Now, even with the aid of computer applications such as the Adobe Creative Suite or PaintTool SAI to produce modern art pieces, the recurring dry spell that most artists have is still there. The arts have never been an easy route, despite what some people might think.

Fortunately, apps are continually being developed to cater to users in every way possible; there are now many apps to help us refill our creative juices, making it easier for us to produce our next masterpiece.

granimatorGranimator, FREE

If you’re tired of your current wallpaper, why not create your own? You may have artist’s block, but that doesn’t mean it should hold you back from the creative process. With Granimator, you get to take your pick from artwork by almost 50 premiere contributors from around the world. Go with minimal geometric pieces to Harajuku-inspired pieces for your customized wallpaper – anything goes! If you’re not contented with your current “packs”, you can always purchase more to add to your collection.

Beatwave, FREE beatwave-for-ios-logo

Aspiring to become a party-pumping DJ? Or maybe you just can’t find the right beats today? Beatwave is your friend here. Create music even without innate musical skills! Using a variety of instruments and sounds available in store, you can create your own tunes right off of your own iPhone or iPad. You can even adjust tone, tempo, and other preferences so you can find the right combinations. Beatwave is also supported by music sharing network SoundCloud, so, if you’re brave enough, you can share your creations. Time to let the world hear you!

logoBehanceBehance, FREE

Admit it: you can be motivated to do better artworks just by looking at others’. That said, Behance lets you browse thousands of artists from around the world and view their work! With the help of tags and categorized galleries, you can explore artworks depending on what you’re searching for. Create your own personal or professional portfolio and proudly claim your work as your own. An artist’s social network, Behance also lets you follow your favorite designers and lets them follow you, too.

scribblenautsScribblenauts Remix, $0.99

Tap into your inner child and let your imagination loose with this puzzle / strategy game. With over 50 levels (more for in-game purchases),  the game lets you type in whatever solution you can think of to conquer the level! Would you use an “aggressive cheese cat on rollerblades”, or a “poufy lipped cheeseburger with a top hat”? Anything goes with this award-winning game! Now, seriously, use the cheeseburger.

Whack-PackCreative Whack Pack, $1.99

Sometimes, conventional strategies are not enough when it comes to doing business. These days, you have to think outside the box to achieve better results. Creative Whack Pack is designed to give you new perspectives through series of stories, questions and examples you can learn from. Learn where the right places are to gain new ideas, acquire different techniques to approach a situation, or simply read about how you can come to a decision and make it happen.

forgerForger, $1.99

Take sculpting to the next level with Forger,a digital 3D rendering app that lets you sculpt on your iPhone or iPad! With a multi-touch interface and a variety of 3D tools such as deformation brushes, mesh and masking tools, you can create anything you want. Templates are also available if you don’t want to completely start from scratch. If you have more than one idea, there’s a multi-window editing feature that lets you work on a number of projects all at once. The best thing about it is that it supports .obj files so you can save your work and transfer it to your computer to give it better rendering. Sculpt the next “David”, maybe?

brainstormerThe Brainstormer, $1.99

This one’s my personal favorite especially when I work on illustration or literary pieces of my own. Using three spinning wheels, The Brainstormer helps you come up with a combination of a plot, a setting, and a subject matter. Combinations can be achieved through manual selection of the three categories or random selection by shaking your device. You can even create your own personal set of words for a wheel! If you’re confident in your discovery, you can even share it to your friends online – with copyrights of course.

These apps are ready to catch you when you’re not in the zone. Never go as far as making other people’s work as your own because that’s a big no-no. Instead, make it a habit of finding new inspirations to motivate you on your work. Fortunately, you can buy the right devices to support these apps here at MacMall. Drop by our retail stores at Santa Monica, Torrance, Chicago and Huntington Beach and let our Apple-credited experts help you with your needs. You can also visit and get exclusive deals on Apple products.

Remember: think outside the box – or wherever you might be.

Images: iTunes, appsta

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