BoxWave Keyboard Buddy iPhone 6 Case

Ten years ago, side- flip QWERTY keyboard phones were all the rage. Tons of people had mobile phones with this particular feature and it was to die for! So for a little throwback, we bring you this BoxWave Keyboard Buddy Case for your ever fabulous iPhone 6.


Get that side- flip QWERTY keyboard phone feel with this iPhone 6 phone case. It has a surprisingly thin and lightweight form- fitting shell that fits your phone perfectly. The BoxWave Keyboard Buddy Case also allows you to easily access your iPhone’s controls, features, cameras and ports without hassle.

All you have to do is pair your iPhone 6’s Bluetooth and you’re good to go. It comes with Bluetooth 2.0 that allows you to pair easily.

You also have the option to switch from your touch screen to fully- integrated slide- out Bluetooth QWERTY physical keyboard. The best part about this is that this keyboard phone case has incredible backlit keys that allows you to type even in dim lighting.
The BoxWave Keyboard Buddy iPhone 6 Case also comes with a Bluetooth keyboard on3/ off switch that helps you conserve your phone case’s battery power by turning it off when not in use.
Charging this slide- out QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard is super- fast too. Charge once with the included micro- USB cable and this handy device can last for up to 2 weeks.
The BoxWave Keyboard Buddy Case for the iPhone 6 is available in a Jet Black color with a high- quality metallic finish. This integrated keyboard is only compatible with the Apple iPhone 6 device.

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