Canvas Smart Desk for iPad Pro

Apple’s latest addition to the iPad line, the iPad Pro, is a really great device. It could well be the next generation computer we’ve been waiting for. It’s got all the incredible features that could take user productivity to the next level and the specs to match.

Just imagine the incredible mobile computing performance its 64-bit A9X chip could give you. What about the awesome display and audio it offers? Admit it. The iPad Pro is a pretty remarkable and it comes in two sizes. You get to pick one that could suit you well.

The best part about having the iPad Pro is that you could pair it with wonderful accessories that could heighten user experience and as you know superb devices like the iPad Pro should be matched with amazing accessories.


Canvas Smart Desk is one of the iPad Pro accessories you should look out for. This Smart Desk is perfect for students, artists, professionals, designers and basically everyone.  You can write your emails, surf the web, watch shows and even play games in a secure surface that does not disappoint.


With the Canvas Smart Desk for the iPad Pro, you get a desk space that fits your phone, coffee, keys or stylus. It’s also got a secure display dock to view your device and it’s made of premium, natural bamboo.

It’s the perfect portable desk surface to work on. Whether you’re in a conference room, coffee shop or lying on your bed, the Canvas Smart Desk for iPad Pro has got you covered. It has two models available for purchase: the Canvas Creator and Canvas Pro.


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Image Source: iSkelter

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