Capture the moment and share it later with Facebook for iOS version 10.0

You’re out with your friends, having such a splendid time that you don’t even notice your lack of a data connection. That is, until you try to share the moment on Facebook and your post fails. While we may mumble to ourselves, ask our peers if they have reception, and meander,waving our phones over our heads looking for “4G” to reappear,  we often give up on the post and return to enjoy the moment.

Previously, this left many memorable moments unshared or forgotten about until the next day. However, according to the recent updates to Facebook for iOS posted by Apple Insider, the dark ages of losing posts to convention or concert walls may be over. Facebook for iOS version 10.0 was recently released with a new feature that allows users to save their posts and automatically share them later when a data connection is available.

Additional information about the update may be found via the Apple Insider article and on the App Store.

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