Cleaning up the Home Screen for Apple TV

Apple TV’s selection of channels is as wide-ranging as ever. While this means that you get more TV shows, movies, and music to choose from, it also means that your Apple TV’s home screen now features over thirty icons. Even with a widescreen TV, the sight of that many icons can be overwhelming. The good news is that cleaning up Apple TV’s home screen doesn’t take much effort. You can even squeeze it in before your weekend movie marathons. One way to make sense of the grid of icons on the home screen is to organize them, with icons for your most frequently watched channels on top of the others.

To move channel icons:

  • Use the remote’s directional keys to select a channel you’d like to move, and then press and hold the Select key.
  • As you hold the Select key down, the icon will start wiggling, indicating that it’s ready to be moved. Use the directional keys again to move the channel icon to a new location.
  • Once you’ve moved the channel icon to its new spot, press the Select button again to lock the icon in place.

Don’t worry; existing channels will shift out of the way, so you can move channel icons wherever you want. You won’t be able to move icons to the first row, though, since those spots are for content from iTunes and your computer. But now you won’t have to do a lot of scrolling to get to your favorite channels.

You can also keep your Apple TV home screen clutter-free by hiding the icons of the channels you never watch. You can do this through the Restrictions feature.

To activate and use the Restrictions feature:

  • On the Apple TV’s Settings menu, you’ll see a General section. Select Restrictions and choose Turn on Restrictions. A prompt for a four-digit passcode will pop up. Key in and confirm the passcode of your choice.
  • Once the Restrictions feature is enabled, you’ll see a list of all the channels on Apple TV. Choose the ‘Hide’ option for channels that you never watch.
  • Hold the menu key to exit to the home screen.

Organizing channel icons and hiding never-watched channel icons from view can go a long way in making Apple TV easier to navigate and more fun to use. Remember, you can always count on MacMall to help you keep your Apple devices in top shape. We have service counters at all our retail store locations in Torrance, Huntington Beach, Santa Monica, and Chicago, so don’t hesitate to pay us a visit to have your Apple device cleaned up. 

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