Cleaning the iMac

It is important that one is able to properly maintain their devices in order to have them in tip-top shape. Joel Lee shares that maintaining Macs are not as easy compared to PCs, but remains possible.

But first, one has to determine if there is a dust problem on your device. Here are three symptoms:

  1. Unexpected shutdowns. As dust accumulates on various internal components, it affects air circulation. Lack of air circulation leads to inescapable heat, which leads to overheating through the raise of equilibrium temperature.
  2. Slow system performance. When things get too hot, modern computer parts then throttle performance. Throttling prevents them from working too hard, thus generating less heat.
  3. Excess fan noise. Fans are programmed to spin faster when the temperature is higher.

Cleaning an iMac made from 2009 or later means that the entire device has to be disassembled, which would void any pre-existing warranty. When disassembled (once the procedures from this has been followed), make sure to use compressed air when blasting dust out of the components.

If unsure, take the device to an Apple Service Center, where one can assured of the proper care for the device.

Otherwise, here are some basic maintenance tips for safeguarding the iMac.

  • Wipe the circulation vents. Vents are located along the bottom edge of the iMac as well as in the back, where the stand meets the iMac. Keep in mind NOT to use a vacuum because of the possibility of static electricity.
  • Regularly vacuum rugs and carpets. Speaking of vacuuming, the items to do that on are the carpets and rugs, which collect and produce small particles that could get kicked up into the air and settle on the desk.
  • Wiping down the desk at least monthly. This way, it can keep them from being sucked into the iMac.

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