Conceptual iMac update revealed

Remember the iconic original Apple iMac? Yes, the iMac that was an all-in-one egg-shaped CRT desktop monitor workstation from the 90s?

The iMac had been popular for the classroom setting when it came out, mainly because it had offered a complete package, which included a pre-installed Mac OS 8 that is very easy to use and navigate.

German concept designers Curved/Labs decided to create a conceptual update on the iMac that would be applicable in the modern setting, calling it the eMac. They asked themselves, “What if Apple once again, aside from the iPad – focused on the educational market with a desktop computer? And what might such a computer look like in the year 2016?”

The eMac, according to the team, would target the educational market. In introducing the concept, they quoted Steve Jobs, noting that “Computers are like a bicycle for our minds.” The late Apple founder valued education very much and was part of Apple’s DNA since its inception.

The eMac specs, as mentioned by Curved/labs:

  • Same specs as latest iMac, but with a 17″ retina display with a 4:3 screen proportion
  • A front-facing dual camera for 3D capture / scanning / imaging
  • An all-glass front, incorporating a capacitive touch screen.
  • Front stereo speakers
  • Three USB-C ports located at the back
  • Bluetooth connectivity for the Apple Magic Keyboard, Apple Magic Mouse and Apple Pencil.
  • Dimensions: width: 40cm height: 39cm depth: 36cm
  • ‘eMac’ edition available in anodized aluminum colors: silver, space grey, gold and rose gold. Front is either white or black.
  • ‘iMac legacy’ edition available in anodized aluminum colors: silver, space grey, pink, gold and blue. Front is same color as the body. (these are the same colors as the latest iPod lineup)

As it is a concept design, this will not be available to hit the market anytime soon.

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