This Day in History: Original iMac Goes on Sale

imac_g3The original iMac is celebrating its sweet 16 birthday today. After much anticipation, the original iMac G3 went on sale on August 15th, 1998.

Breaking away from its predecessors, this computer let go of legacy ports in favor of USB only connections, shocking many proponents of PS2 connections (still popular among mechanical keyboard and RTS enthusiasts).  The machine also bid the floppy drive adieu and instead said hello to beautiful, brandishing a colorful exterior that stood out against the sea of beige computers at the time.

Of course, later releases would unveil the iMac in a myriad of deliciously named colors, causing middle school brawls nationwide as students fought to sit at their favorite colored computer in the school library.

Although the iMac has since shifted away from its colorful design in favor of a sleek silver, Apple’s love of color is still found in the iPhone 5c and the iPod.

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