DIY Guide to Set up Apple TV

Bought the latest Apple TV? Having trouble setting it up? Well, we can help! Macmall’s experts can make product installations quick and easy especially with this fantastic step by step guide. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions and you’ll be watching all your favorite movies and TV series in a cinch.

First off, let’s discuss what you need to get started. You’ll be needing your Apple TV within your reach and all the proper connectors and cables. The latter part is quite vital especially if you’re planning to use Ethernet connection.


Step 1: Power up


Image Source: Apple

Power up your Apple TV by plugging it in the nearest power source. Next up, connect your Apple TV to your router if you want to use Ethernet.


Step 2: Connecting to your display


Image Source: Apple

With the use of an HDMI cable, you can easily connect your Apple TV directly to your television. In case you have one of those receivers, then you should plug in your Apple TV into your receiver, and with another HDMI cable, you get to connect the receiver and television next.


Step 3: Pair and connect

This next step requires you to navigate through your Apple TV’s menu and find the pairing screen. When you see a notification saying “Pair Your Remote screen” what you should do next is tap the Touch surface of your Siri Remote/ Apple TV Remote.

Take note that if your Apple TV remote can’t connect the first time around, a message will pop up saying that you should bring the remote closer to your Apple TV. What you should do if that message comes up is careful press and hold the Menu and Volume Up buttons of your remote for two seconds.


Step 4: Language

Browse through a list of languages available and choose what country or region you are in.


After all of that, finish up by selecting one of these options. Either “Set Up with Device” or “Set Up Manually”.


Hope these tips helped you! If you haven’t got your own Apple TV yet, grab one at our website: Come check us out!

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