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Working in a Mac store I hear a lot of fanfare and to-do about Lion not supporting the full version of Mac’s Quicken. I have never given much thought to financial software because, as a musician, my retirement plan is homelessness. That being said here is a no frills list of Quicken Essentials limitations.

  1. No bill pay feature.
  2. Cannot import to TurboTax.
  3. No investment tracking. You can see where you are currently, and forecast into the near future.
  4. No history of account balances or net worth.
  5. No tools for debt reduction, loan calculators, or tax planner.
  6. Scheduled monthly transaction interface lacking. There is one but not nearly as user friendly as Quicken 2011.

So why buy? It is good software if you know its limitations and don’t need the missing bits. I find it is best for home budget situations for families not trying to micromanage their 401K’s. In the mean time here are a few solutions for business owners and micromanagers.

  1., same folk who worked on Quicken essentials. Still no investment history feature.
  2. Run Windows on your Mac. Parallels or VM Ware, and a copy of Windows, will run you about $270, or Bootcamp is included on your Mac.
  3. Keep a separate Windows PC, to run Quicken and other programs for your business that require Windows OS.
  4. Concoct your own program using bits of code from now defunct financial software to create your own customizable frankensteinian cosmic horror of money planning.


Josh Warren

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