Find My iPhone: An Introduction

findmyiphoneIn today’s world, everyone’s worst nightmare is checking their pockets or bag and finding out that their phone isn’t there. Yes, the same phone you spent thousands of dollars on, the same phone that has all of your vacation’s photos, your favorite music, and even your important contacts. It is gone. Gone forever, or is it?

One of the cool features of the latest iOS 8 includes a way for you to increase the chances of finding your lost iPhone. And it’s easy to activate!

This tracking feature is called the “Send Last Location” feature. This automatically sends your device’s last known location to Apple just before the battery dies and it becomes virtually undetectable.

Here are the few simple steps to get you going on this feature:

  • Settings application on your iOS 8 device. From here,
  • select iCloud then choose
  • Find My iPhone.

Doing this will allow your phone to send information to Apple about its last known location when the battery is on the verge of dying.

Anyone who has an iCloud account can use Find My iPhone, even on an iPad or Mac. The location of your device can be accessed by logging on to or using the official Find My iPhone app for iOS.

Users can also set their Apple devices on Lost Mode; doing this will enable tracking of the current location of your device in addition to the current location on the map.

Through Find My iPhone, users can also remotely wipe their iOS device’s files and other settings. They can restore the device to its factory settings. This way, your data will remain confidential.

Apple makes sure that their loyal customers will always have their privacy and protects against unauthorized access of critical information. This is another good reason to upgrade your iOS device to
iOS 8.

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(Image: Apple Insider)

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