Five Cool Things to Do on your Mac

Having a Mac is already beyond cool. But did you know that your Mac has lots of tricks up its sleeve that a select few only knew about. Make your Mac experience a whole lot cooler by trying out these hidden features.

According to Trendblog there are a few secret functions that your Mac can do. We selected a few of our favorites and laid them out for you to see. Try out these tips and you are sure to navigate through your tasks more smoothly. Check it out!


1ONE: Easily close and hide apps.
Running apps can be quickly closed and hidden by holding several keys which is the ⌘ + tab. If you hold ⌘, you can browse through apps and press Q to quite the app or H to hide the app.


2TWO: Quick Preview

You can also preview any file by pressing your space bar. This allows you to get a quick look of what your file contains without actually opening it.


3THREE: Dragging selected text can create a new file

Capture your favorite quotes or separate important details of your content by highlighting that part of your document and drag it on your desktop. Voila! You get a new text file with everything you need just like that.


4FOUR: Run Windows on your Mac

Yes! You heard it right! You can now run your favorite Windows OS on your Mac and be able to use all your favorite apps along with it.

5FIVE: Summarize in a cinch

If you’ve got a long essay to read or researching for something particular in an article this feature might come in handy. Summarize a bunch of texts into a 3 liner content. All you have to do highlight the whole text, right click the whole thing and select the “Summarize” option.

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