Gaming Laptop Guide: What to Look For


Video games help you escape reality for hours., because in the world of video games, you are a hero that no one should mess with. In the virtual world, you are the master and no one is better than you.

Before you can enjoy all that, though, you need to get yourself a portal into the digital world: laptops. You need a decent gaming laptop to call your own.

But just what are the features you should look for in a laptop when wanting to make a purchase? Here are a few things you should look for when selecting a gaming laptop:

Graphics Cards (GPU)

To get the most of your gaming experience, you want to make sure that the graphics card on your laptop can give you the best-quality images and can run at the pace of your game so you don’t lag, which is not only annoying but can also get you killed in the virtual realm of video games.

Processor (CPU)

You can’t really do much when you pair an awesome graphics card with a weak processor. When it comes to processors, it’s a close fight between Intel and AMD. Intel is leading the battle with Core i7 and Core i5. Intel’s Core i3 processors can also pack a punch when it comes to games that are less resource-intensive. Another thing to remember when it comes to choosing processors: always choose quad-core over dual-core. This will give you better performance.


You can easily upgrade your RAM later on, but when it comes to gaming, 8GB of RAM should do the trick. Having that much RAM should give you no problems when looking to get more out of gaming, because with this much RAM, you can easily power through different applications without compromising speed.

Battery Life

If you’re looking to get your game on away from a power outlet, it’s always best to learn more about the battery power of your potential laptop because it is common for laptops to die after only just an hour of gaming.

Make the most of your laptop gaming experience; it isn’t the same as with a desktop PC, but it can still give you the best kind of gaming you need to get your fix.

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