Get Creative with these iPod Touch Skins

Make your iPod Touch stand out by personalizing it with these fabulous must- have iPod Touch Skins from DecalGirl. Take your pick on a variety of designs that matches your personality perfectly. Here are our top 10 favorites. Check them out!

If you’re into classy antique design then the Dark Rosewood iPod Touch skin is for you.


Do you like colorful rainbow prism patterns? The Charmed iPod Touch skins features a unique artwork by FP that is the perfect decorative for your device.


The Song of the Sky iPod Touch Skin on the other hand, features a quiet forest scenery artwork by Digital Blasphemy. It even comes with a vibrant aurora included in the background.


Nature patterns fill the Aqua Tranquility iPod Touch Skin. With a fancy tree branch design, you’re sure to love this iPod Touch Skin.


Another nature inspired iPod Touch Skin, the Aspens, artwork created by Jackie Friesth., has a design that is too perfect for all the nature lovers out there.


The Bohemian iPod Touch Skin features Brooke Boothe’s artwork. It consists of intricate Aztec patterns in pastel colors.


A calm pastel blue color is seen on the Flores Agua iPod Touch Skin with several floral patterns pristinely placed onto the Skin to complete the look.


If you like cats then this Skin is for you. The Grey Kitty iPod Touch Skin features well… a fluffy grey kitty artwork by The Mountain.


Also by Brooke Boothe, this iPod Touch Skin leaves you with no worries. It comes with the perfect Aztec patterns in pastel colors that matches your device.


The Ikat Floral features a unique artwork by Kate McRostie. It comes in calm tones of orange, pink and greens.


These decals come in both matte/ satin finish and high gloss finish. You can easily apply these decals yourself. It includes a bubble- free installation and goo- free removal.

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