Gresso Titanium Slider for iPhone 6 and 6s

Strength, durability and style all rolled into one incredible iPhone case. The Gresso Titanium Slider for iPhone 6 and 6s is a really remarkable accessory to pair your phones with. This case has a hidden card slot that can store up to 3 cards of your choice. You can keep your credit cards and ATMs secure behind the Gresso Titanium Slider’s back cover.

GS2 This high resistance iPhone 6 and 6s accessory comes in three models. All comes one solid piece of grade 5 titanium but they come with different inserts. The first model the Gresso Titanium Slider T1 come with full titanium inserts. The Gresso Titanium Slider T2 comes with white gold inserts while the Gresso Titanium Slider T3 comes with yellow gold inserts.

It comes with a smart, automatic mechanism which slides the back panel and ejects the card slot automatically. You can easily slide the back panel to its original position and securely lock it therefore keeping your credit cards, ATMs and IDs secured.GS3

And although it comes with a $1000- $1500 price tag, the Gresso Titanium Slider iPhone case is probably one of the most durable and functional iPhone 6 and 6s Titanium case ever to be made. Each comes with an exclusive and unique numbers engraved on the gold or titanium insert that is on the back panel of the case.

Classy and sophisticated, these fancy iPhone 6 and 6s cases are a limited edition. There are only about 999 pieces available. So check them out while stocks are still available. You can place your orders for the Gresso Titanium Slider for iPhone 6 and 6s right here.

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