Guide to Safely Clean Your Laptop

18kf36mjb6u71jpgThe dust build-up is a huge issue for computers but especially for laptops, with a lot of smaller components in there. If you’ve ever felt the bottom part of your laptop and it feels like it’s running hot or hotter than it should be, if the fan seems like it’s running constantly or if the laptop has completely shut down unexpectedly, you may have an issue with dust build-up in your laptop’s ventilation system. Keeping it clean on a regular basis should help with these issues.

The first thing you want to do is make sure your laptop is completely turned off. You can remove the battery if you’d like. Now look for vents, grills or fans; depending on the model, some laptops have more than one fan and some may have several vents. Now even though you might not see it, there will usually be dust in there somewhere. Now you’re going to want to blow air into these vents and fans. The suction won’t really help with this job.laptop-fan-heatsink-place(1)

While a canned air duster is acceptable, a vacuum running in reverse actually does the job better. If you have any attachments that will help concentrate the air into smaller stream, you might want to try those as well. Now just a caution here: never use an air compressor for this job. It’s very easy to break the fan blades or turbines inside your laptop.
Upon blowing the air into the vents or grills, it is advisable that you give at least just a couple of seconds in between each vent for the fan to rest. Now if you did this right, you should see some dust coming out of the vents. Although it might not be a lot but even a small amount of dust is critical when it comes to laptops.

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