Hassle-Free Memory Upgrades from MacMall

Memory_Install_403x403Upgrading your Mac’s memory is one of the best ways to improve your desktop’s performance. Doing a memory upgrade the DIY way can be tricky, though, even for experienced computer enthusiasts. That’s why MacMall offers Memory Install services just for you, starting at $39.99.

While you wait, one of our in-store experts will install new memory modules in your Mac. Once the RAM is installed, tests will be performed to ensure that your Mac detects the additional memory.

We’ll even throw in a lifetime warranty on the newly installed memory, as thanks for trusting us with your Mac. Visit any MacMall retail store – Torrance, Chicago, Santa Monica, or Huntington Beach – to enjoy this service.

You can even shop for a new Mac Pro and have additional or upgraded memory modules installed all on the same day.  MacMall retail stores offer great deals on a wide variety of memory modules, including RAM modules from leading brands such as Axiom Memory, Crucial, Corsair Memory, and Kingston.

If you’re keen on RAM from Axiom Memory, MacMall offers a 23% discount for the Axiom Memory 16GB DDR3-1866 ECC RDIMM for Mac Pro. These DDR3 memory modules help you take full advantage of your Mac’s capabilities, while consuming less power. Drop by MacMall retail stores today to enjoy big savings on your Mac’s new RAM. 

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