How-to: Preventing Battery Drain on Your MacBook

The MacBook Pro is designed to last up to 8 or 9 hours off a single charge. That’s enough battery power to get you through a day’s worth of usage. So if you’re getting fewer hours off your MacBook’s battery, it’s safe to assume that one or more of your apps may be draining power from your battery.

The good news is that it’s pretty easy to check if your MacBook is indeed suffering from power drainage from one of its apps. First, click the battery icon on the menu bar. The menu that pops up will show you a quick peek of apps using significant energy. If you aren’t using any of these power-hungry apps, make sure to exit them so they don’t use up valuable battery power.

Activity Monitor also helps you avoid battery power drain for your MacBook. Launch the Activity Monitor app from the Applications folder or the Other folder in the Launchpad.

Once the Activity Monitor is open, you can click the Energy tab to see how much energy each open app and background process consumes. Click the Energy Impact tab to sort the list. Apps that consume the most battery power should appear towards the top. Check these apps and decide if they really need to run in the background.

The Energy tab on the Activity Monitor (image from

The Energy tab on the Activity Monitor (image from


For apps you aren’t using but are consuming power, you can select the app on the list and tap the ‘X’ button in the upper left corner. A pop-up menu will ask if you want to ‘Quit’ or ‘Force Quit’ the process; the ‘Quit’ option ends the process, while the ‘Force Quit’ option is ideal for processes that may be more difficult to exit.

Closing unnecessary, power-hungry apps and processes should help you get more hours off your MacBook’s battery. If you’re still running into battery-related problems, though, you might have a hardware problem on your hands. Good thing you can depend on MacMall. MacMall’s retail stores in Torrance, Chicago, Huntington Beach, and Santa Monica all have Apple-authorized experts who can help you get your MacBook back in top shape. Drop by our retail stores today to have your MacBook checked and fixed. 

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