How to Set up Your medical ID on the iOS 8 Health App

Health is everything. You can have anything you want in this world, but when your health is gone, you’ve got almost nothing.

So it is always important to get your health in order. Start this off by setting up your emergency medical ID. This Medical ID feature is part of the new Health application for iOS 8. If you’ve already updated to the latest iOS operating system, you have the advantage of using this awesome feature.


Configuring your Medical ID for iOS 8 is very simple:

First, launch Health from the menu. From the app, tap the Medical ID menu located in the bottom right section of the screen and select “Create Medical ID”. 

Enter significant information about your health like your blood type, height, weight, allergies, etc. on the Medical ID page so that, in case anything should happen to you, responding paramedics will be informed of relevant details about your health.

You can also customize your Medical ID by uploading your picture, adding your name, date of birth, and medical conditions you’re suffering from, such as high blood pressure. A contact number of someone can also be included along with their name and your relationship to them.

Make your Medical ID accessible even if you have a passcode for your phone. Just enable the “Show When Locked” option from the editing screen, and you will be able to access your Medical ID from the lock screen just by tapping “Emergency” from the lock screen.

Once your Medical ID has been created, you can always go back and update it to as you see fit. And in case you want to delete the entire thing, it can be done with a tap of a button at the bottom of the editing page.

Medical ID is just one of the many features of the new Health app in iOS 8. The aim of the app is to be the central repository of the user’s entire health information.  They can enter this information manually or automatically with the use of various iPhone accessories.

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(Image: Apple Insider)

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