What does your iDevice case say about you?

The need to personalize everything and anything has been one of the norms in this tech-savvy generation. Especially in adolescent to early adulthood stages where the need for individuality or standing out has played a crucial role in determining one’s character. For a wide range of Apple products, consumers have a variety of iPhone and iPad cases to choose from and extend their personalities into their handheld devices. I cross-examined stereotypes to personal preferences of phone users and tried to figure out why they choose what they use. Here are ten types of cases that people use and their “could-be” personalities:

1. Simple Case. Less is more. Buying a case that would simply protect your phone is enough because you don’t need all the danglers and fancy tech ware. You value purpose more than aesthetics and that’s good.
2. Black / Leathered. Staying classy is essential and what better way to do that by using black colored or leather bound cases? It’s sophistication in the material that you look for and that’s what these cases provide.
3. Covered cases. Privacy is important for you and you don’t like other people looking into your personal stuff. So whenever a notification pops out, you’ll be the only one to know what it is and who sent it. Read: For My Eyes Only.
4. Interchangeable. You are versatile in nature and just like this type of case you are capable of adapting to any situation without compromising your efficiency.
5. Life-proof cases. If you prefer this case, it’s either you’re protective of your valuables or that adventurous that you need this for your phone. Either way, you’re a cautious person that considers possibilities and extremes.
6. External Battery cases. You make the most of what you have and you’ll do anything to keep it in check. With an external battery, you have a longer capacity to do what you need to and be updated on everything, at any time.
7. Glittery / Rhinestoned. You love the glamour and femininity. Using this case expresses personal ambition and shining personality.
8. Graphic Printed. Artsy plus creative. You appreciate all things that may inspire you. Admit it: having a graphic design on your case gives you a jolt of creative juice just by looking at it.
9. Animal Skin / Tribal Print design. You’ve embraced the wild side. Going after what you want is your forte and you’re not afraid for people to notice. Adding vibrancy of color or feirceness to your case just makes sense.
10. Cartoon Design / Animal shaped. Hello, child at heart. If your case has your favorite cartoon character or an animal you like, you value your past because it is what made you and you’re not ready to let go of it yet.

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