iFind Touts Battery-Free Item Location


Yes, your keys, wallet, purse, and favorite jacket are all colluding against you and take turns hiding at inopportune times. No, they aren’t sorry.

Alas, a new kickstarter project by WeTag is promising to solve your woes with iFind, the first battery-free item locating tag.

What about the other geolocators already out? While there are numerous other geolocating gadgets on the market and in development, they all contain batteries that require charging.  This means that you’d have to remove the tracking device from whatever you’re tracking on a routine basis just to charge it. If you’re confident you won’t lose the item in the time it takes to charge the tracker, then kudos! If not, keep reading.

The iFind system consists of Bluetooth tags and a mobile app. When you lose an item, you use the app to track it down. When you lose your phone, you simply shake one of your existing tags, and it will cause your phone to chime.

The iFind tags are small, measuring only 1.25″ x 1.06″ x 0.09″, so they can be easily slipped into a wallet or pocket. The tags also feature a hole, allowing them to be hooked onto key rings.  To power themselves, the tags have a system for collecting and storing the electromagnetic energy that is present around the tag.

Of course, the system has its limitations. As the system works via Bluetooth, they only have a 200 foot range in best conditions. The more walls in the way of the signal, the shorter this range becomes. Nevertheless, the range should suffice for finding items lost in most homes.

If you’re out and about, you can adjust your notification settings to alert you when you become separated from one of your items. Leave your wallet in the booth of the restaurant? iFind can alert you before you drive away. is your cat hiding because you uttered the word “vet”? iFind is safe for pets.

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