iMac – The Ultimate All-In-One

The Best all-on-one solution, for all computing needs.  The Apple iMac offers amazing speeds and a screen that is visually awe inspiring.

Apple iMac is a computer that is for all. From the word documenter to the video editor, the iMac can offer speeds using Intel’s Quad Core i5 & i7 series from 2.1GHZ to 3.4GHZ. 

Available in a 21” or a 27” size, the Apple iMac can expand up to 32GB of Ram, and is modifiable to add a second drive using SSD technology.

Comes with a wireless keyboard and the Apple Mighty Mouse, out of the box you are ready to go. Add an Apple Base Station for an even better wireless network experience.

Apple iMac  is always my first recommendation when it comes to suggesting a new computer.

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