Innovelis TotalMount Pro Mounting System for Apple TV

Having an Apple TV around is great. You can watch shows, play games and basically get the overall TV experience. Apps like HBO NOW, WatchESPN, Netflix, Hulu and iTunes allows you to watch tons of incredible shows and movies right at your fingertips. The Apple TV will surely provide you the incredible entertainment you deserve.

Great device like the Apple TV should be paired with great accessories though. And one particular Apple TV accessory is quite handy as allows you to conveniently mount your Apple TV directly to the back of your television.

The Innovelis TotalMount Pro flexible mounting system, is a one of a kind Apple TV accessory which provides you a secure place to mount your Apple device without a hitch. It also includes a charging remote holder so you won’t have trouble losing your Apple Remote and two cable management units for keeping your cables and cords well- organized.


The TotalMount Pro is quite easy to install too. It is especially useful for wall- mounted TVs and is perfect for decluttering your TV area. It has ventilation channels that lets cool air freely flow under your Apple TV as well.


The Innovelis TotalMount Pro Mounting System is a unique Apple TV accessory that is a perfect addition to your entertainment area.

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