Introduced Today – The Wacom Intous5 Is Now In Stock

Everyone here at MacMall just received special training on the new Intuos5 graphics tablet yesterday. It’s a really incredible product for graphics professionals. One of the coolest new features in my opinion is the optional Bluetooth adapter that makes the unit wireless. Come in for a demonstration and we’ll show you how to set up ExpressKeys, use Multi-Touch and the program the Touch Ring. We also have the new Cintiq 24HD interactive pen display on a demo computer. Below is some additional technical information.

Intuos5 is equipped with many time saving productivity features, such as a four-function Touch Ring and ExpressKeys which can be customized for your favorite application-specific shortcuts and modifiers.  The new, innovative Express View display provides an on screen-reminder of your ExpressKey settings, so that you can keep your eyes on your display and on your work.    The pen tablet connects to your PC or Mac through a USB connection, or you can enable a wireless connection with the optional RF Wireless Accessory Kit (sold separately).   Available in 3 different sizes (small, medium, and large), you can choose the professional pen tablet that is right for your screen size, working style, and desktop space.
The medium Intuos5 pen tablet is a versatile size and is the most popular choice among creative professionals. With 48.4 square inches of working area, this tablet provides ample workspace for the way that most tablet users like to work.

•    Advanced Pen Technology: With 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, Intuos5 gives you the creative power to dynamically adjust exposure, brush size, line weight, opacity, and more.
•    Multi-Touch: Use standard Windows and Mac gestures, to pan, rotate and navigate your artwork. You can also customize gestures for application-specific modifiers and shortcuts.
•    ExpressKeys: Set up your ExpressKeys to activate your own unique, time-saving shortcuts and modifiers in each of your applications.
•    Express View Display: Stay completely focused on your creative work. Lightly rest your finger on a capacitive ExpressKey to display an on screen reminder of the key’s function.
•    Multi-function Touch Ring: The finger-sensitive Touch Ring provides intuitive control of scrolling, brush size, canvas rotation and more.
•    Designed for comfort: The reversible (ambidextrous) design of the Intuos5 features gently sloping tablet sides, a soft-touch finish, plenty of hand support, and an ergonomically contoured pen.
•    Easy set-up: Intuos5 connects to your PC or Mac through a single USB connection.

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