iOS 7.1 and the All-New Features You’ll Enjoy

Following months and months of thorough testing, Apple has finally released iOS 7.1 to the public. This latest iOS update should now be available to iOS users through the Settings menu on their devices.

iOS 7.1 brings a variety of improvements and new functionalities to Apple gadgets. One major feature of iOS 7.1 is that it enables CarPlay, a highly anticipated service that gives you a safer, more intuitive way of using your iPhone as you drive. With CarPlay on your car’s dashboard, Siri can dictate turn-by-turn directions, read your text messages for you, and even send your replies. CarPlay will also let you stream music from iTunes Radio and other third-party content services.

Various auto marques, such as Volvo, Mercedes Benz and Ferrari, have already partnered up with Apple. CarPlay will be available in 2014 on select vehicles.

HDR Auto mode enabled (image from

HDR Auto mode enabled (image from

iOS 7.1 also introduces new functions for some of your device’s apps. The Camera app on the iPhone 5s now has an ‘HDR Auto’ option, so the iPhone automatically enables HDR mode for photos that would benefit from HDR settings. This will save you a lot of time switching HDR mode on and off, especially if you love taking photos on your phone.

The latest iOS update also improves the Calendar app. You’ll now be able to view your Calendar events by month, thanks to the new Month view. For added convenience, country-specific holidays have also been integrated into the Calendar.

Siri also got a bit of fine-tuning, with her listening habits now manually controllable. After updating to iOS 7.1, iPhone users can hold down the Home button as they talk to Siri and release the button when they’re done talking, so Siri knows that she can stop listening.

The iOS 7.1 update also brings some tweaks to the interface’s overall look and feel. The keyboard sports a heavier color contrast, and new phone buttons have been added. The Control Center gets a new bounce animation when it’s pulled up, and animation for opening apps and folders and pulling up menus is noticeably faster. New Accessibility features have also been added, including the ability to increase contrast and activate button shapes.

To install iOS 7.1 on your device, open the Settings menu, then tap the General tab. A Software Update tab should now be visible on the screen; tap that tab to get your device searching for an update. Once the iOS 7.1 update is found, choose ‘Download and Install’ to start downloading the update to your device.

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