iOS and Android closing the shutters on Windows mobile web usage

If you’re reading this article and in North America, I would wager $100 that you’re not on a Windows phone. If you read the recent report released by Chitika and reported on by Apple Insider, you may start offering even larger wagers to your audiences.

The report revealed that only 1% of web traffic in North America came from Windows phones. To be fair, this is 25%  larger than the web traffic generated by Blackberry devices. It is, however, also only 1.88% of the traffic generated by iPhones, and 2.25% of the traffic generated by Android phones.

If you’re a mathematical wizard, you already know this means that iPhones accounted for 53.1% of web traffic in this study. Android, meanwhile, accounted for 44.5% of web traffic. Yes, this means that iOS users are generating more web traffic than Android. However, a 44.5% traffic share is nothing to be sneezed at. So, while Apple Insider reports that Microsoft continues to “work hard to make Windows Phone a competitive third mobile OS,” it is safe to plan your mobile strategy (if you have one) around iOS and Android users.

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