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Now that iOS 8 has been released, you can expect to enjoy a slew of new features on your iPhone or iPad. The thing about new features is that they tend to be confusing especially if you don’t know the ways to use them properly. So here is a quick guide to help you navigate through messaging on your iOS 8 for when you send audio clips, video and images as well as texts.

Sending audio clips

The recording feature now possible in Messages is easy enough to understand. The audio controls are represented by a microphone icon located at the right side of the text box.  It can be used with a simple tap-and-hold gesture which automatically starts the recording process. From the radial menu, users have the option to swipe left to cancel the audio clip, swipe up to send it, or lift their finger off the screen to hear the playback. Recipients will receive it as a wave form in the conversation text.

Sending video clips

On the opposite side of the text box, you can find the video clip controls. This allows you to capture video selfies or short videos you can share with your friends. It works in the same way as audio recording: with a tap-and-hold gesture.

Sending photos

When you tap the camera icon, it also brings up the image sharing pane. From here, you can choose which photos to send. Once sent, photos will be automatically compiled in both the sender and receiver’s conversation history.

This quick guide should help you get started on your new iOS 8 messaging features. Discover more about your phone when you explore its cool new features.

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