iPad in Business Series Presents: iPad Productivity

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Katie: Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining us today for our iPad in Business Series Webinar, iPad Productivity. Today we have Sheldon Brackett with us. Sheldon Brackett is a results oriented technical professional with extensive experience in the effective management of information technology assets. He is skilled in analyzing information needs in systems, determining appropriate resources and processes, and implementing technology for enterprise level and smaller projects.

He has successfully implemented new systems, developed training programs, and enhanced existing systems with new features and performance improvements. He holds a degree in computer information systems, and has been in the IT industry for 23 years in various positions that have helped to shape his broad views of technology. Upon graduating, he began his career working as a Computer Technician in the aerospace industry, which is where he received solid foundation of personal computing.  That position launched a career that included diverse responsibilities from Database Technical Support Engineer for a large software developer, to Information Technology Manager for the Los Angeles County Office of Education. He’s spent over half his career working in technology management roles, which increased his knowledge of systems and positioning technology.

Currently he runs a small business, and is in the process of developing a technical training start-up. Additionally, he teaches several Apple product seminars weekly in MacMall retail stores, and does private consulting and training for Apple products. Before we get started and I hand it over to Sheldon, I’d like to just cover a few items. This event is going to be recorded and the recording will be sent to you early next week. Also, there will be a question and answer session, so if you have any questions, either during of after the presentation please use the Q&A panel that can be found on the bottom-right corner of your screen. If you have any issues with today’s audio, please use our toll-free dial-in number. That number is 1-877-668-4493, and the access code is 646051016. Now, what I’d like to do is I’d like to hand it over to Sheldon. Please, just hold with us while we get him on the line. Thank you.

Sheldon: Okay. Katie, can you hear me?

Katie: Yes, Sheldon. We can hear you.

Sheldon: Okay. All right. Great. Good afternoon. Good morning to some if you’re on the West Coast.

Katie: Sorry. Go ahead.

Sheldon: Okay. I’m happy to be here today, and what we’re going to do is go through some iPad productivity software, that will basically help you and your business to create, to use, and to modify Word documents, and create documents as well as the Pages, the Keynote, and Numbers applications. If you can go ahead and go to the next slide, Katie? Our agenda, we’ll discuss…

Katie: Can you just do a quick test to make sure that people can hear you.

Sheldon: Sure.

Katie: Can everyone hear Sheldon? Can you please write in the chat panel if you can? Thank you. All right, we’re good.

Sheldon: We’re good? Okay. Cool.

Katie: Yep.

Sheldon: Our agenda today, we’re just going to discuss Pages, Numbers, we’re going to discuss Keynote, and we’re going to talk about some iCloud implementation for all three of these apps. Then, as Katie said earlier, we will have a time for a question and answer period. Let’s go to the next slide. You can use your iPad to be actually super productive, and use it to create, to modify, to read, and to print Microsoft Office type documents. If you ever needed to do that when you’re mobile, the iPad is an excellent tool to do that, and we’re going to talk about these three applications that are going to help you to do that rather easily. If you have a need to share those documents when you’re out and mobile, you can do that as well through these applications.

The Keynote, Numbers, and Pages applications, which is offered by Apple, they’re very intuitive pieces of software, and they allow you to completely use the Microsoft Office documents. They’re fully compatible with Microsoft Office documents, and you can open them, create them, and do lots of more great things with them as well. Next slide. If you haven’t heard of it – Pages is the equivalent to Microsoft Word, numbers would be the equivalent to the Microsoft Excel product, and Keynote would be the equivalent to the Microsoft PowerPoint. So, all of these three applications, again, they allow you to create and export. That’s how you would create the Microsoft versions of those documents, through an export in the applications. They allow you to create those types of documents, and allow you to modify and read them as well. So, if you get one of those documents in your email or something of that nature, and you’re on your Apple iPad, you can easily open those documents up in the appropriate application. Modify it, either email it back to the person or print it, or do whatever you need to do with it from that point.

Next slide, please? Okay. I think I just duplicated this slide. Hold on. I’m going backwards here. Go over this way. Sorry. Computer’s low. Okay. The iPad versions for these applications are available in the app store, and they’re $9.99 each. So, if you go to the app store and you just type in either “iWork”, they will all appear, or you can type them in individually. You don’t have to buy all three, you can just buy the ones that you need.

These apps are also available for your MacBook Pro or your desktop computer. They are $19.99 and they are available in the App Store there as well, which makes the applications a lot more compatible. If you’re using a Pages document on your MacBook Air, you can of course share that document with your iPad, make changes, so on and so forth from a mobile location, and get those documents completed or sent out to another location.

Both versions are compatible for use with iCloud. Your iPad, you have the option of automatically storing those documents in The Cloud, and we’ll talk about that near the end – which makes it very easy to access those documents from any location. Or if you don’t have your iPad with you and you need to access those documents that were created via your iPad, you can log into the iCloud panel and have access to those documents as well. Now, both of these versions for your iPad and for your MacBook, they also create documents in their native format. Meaning if you create a document in Pages, the extension would just be .pages, for Numbers, .numbers, and a Keynote presentation would be .keynote. So, that is their native format, however again, they do read the Word, the Excel, and the PowerPoint formats as well.

Okay, next slide. Okay. We’re going to talk about Pages. Pages basically lets you create beautiful letters, reports, fliers, and more on your iPad. Also, the iOS version will work on your iPhone, your iPod Touch, and of course you can store all of these documents in The Cloud. When you’re working on Pages on the iPad, especially if you have the new iPad, the display is just incredible, and you see you get a rich, crisp display showing all of your text very nicely. If you’re adding any graphics or pictures or things in your document, they show up very well also.

Next slide, please? When you go into Pages and you start it, Apple has provided already 16 templates that help you get started in creating any of your documents for Pages. I have a few screen shots that we’re going to be looking at that will show you what these templates are and where they are. Some of the templates are fliers and posters. You have sample letters, resumes, you have reports, you have invitations, and you have a few more options that are available there as well.

When you’re working on your iPad, Pages is all multi-touch, so you can tap and you type to do different things. With your iPad, if you’ve got iOS 5 or later . . . (To be continued)

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