Who needs an iPad?! YOU!

Who needs an iPad?!? YOU!


Are you one of the few hold outs left to get on the iPad bandwagon?  I am a fairly new convert and cannot remember how I ever lived without it. It is perfect for surfing the net, playing Words with Friends or DrawSomething, FaceTime, and storing and editing photos.  With the New iPad’s improved camera, you can take great pictures and edit them with iPhoto, new download for the iPad.   My 3 year old loves it even more than I do.  We take it with us everywhere (along with a set of headphones) and we have instant entertainment for the kids. Long waits at a restaurant or visiting with friends no longer become all about keeping the young ones entertained and quiet. There are a ton of educational apps for all ages. In fact, my iPhone (and now iPad) have taught my then 2 year old her ABC’s and a ton of nursery songs. We have now moved on to numbers and letter recognition.  I knew it was working when she started recognizing the first letter in her name everywhere. What seemed like luxury item has now become almost a necessity in my household.  We have great prices and a wide selection of accessories for the iPad 2 and the new iPad.  Please come see us soon to get your own New iPad or iPad 2.


“A day without laughter is a day wasted”

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