Your Next iPhone 5 Battery Pack

A battery pack is an essential device for people who depend on their iPhones to get them through the day. Whether you use your iPhone 5 to keep track of appointments or meetings, catch up with the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows, or try the newest iOS games, an iPhone 5 battery pack ensures that your phone always has juice when you need it. If that sounds good to you, check out these portable battery packs specially made for your iPhone 5.

Verbatim Portable Power Pack – external battery pack – Li-Ion

Verbatim Portable Power Pack - external battery pack - Li-Ion

This power pack takes the power from high-capacity AA batteries and puts it into your iPhone 5. Load up the power pack with the AA batteries of your choice, connect its USB jack to your phone, flick the switch to ‘On’, and wait while it steadily recharges your phone’s battery. This battery pack can provide a maximum of 500 charge cycles, so you should be able to use the battery pack for a considerably long time. This Verbatim battery pack’s slim, lightweight design also makes it easy to stow in your bag or even your pocket.

Satechi 5200 MaH Portable Energy Station Extended Battery Charger Pack

Satechi 5200 MaH Portable Energy Station Extended Battery Charger PackThis iPhone 5 battery pack is a little more sophisticated. To recharge your iPhone 5’s batteries, this battery pack relies on a 5200 mAh 18-watt Compounded Interconnection Battery instead of lithium-ion batteries. This patented battery technology is reportedly more stable and secure than standard lithium batteries. The battery pack also features a battery life indicator so you know exactly how much juice it has left until you recharge it, which you can do while it’s recharging your iPhone 5. For added safety, the battery pack automatically shuts down once it’s fully charged and ready to go.

Veho Pebble XT Portable 5000mAH Battery Pack Charger

Veho Pebble Portable 5000mAH Battery Pack ChargerThis battery pack comes with its own neoprene carrying case for more convenient storage. Providing as much as 5000 mAh of power, this battery pack is more than capable of juicing up your iPhone 5. More than an iPhone 5 battery pack, this Pebble XT battery pack also comes with 12 additional adapter tips, so you can recharge your other gadgets, too. The Pebble XT itself has a 6-hour charge time, but that’s a relatively short period in exchange for weeks of recharging your devices on the go.

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